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*Note: If you would like to receive additional information on the selection process, please contact a member of our Recruitment and Selection team on +61 8 8364 8500. You can also refer to our selection process online.

In-country support

  • What kind of support will I receive during my assignment? +

    An In-Country Management Team (ICM Team) is based in every country where Scope Global places volunteers. ICM Teams are made up of Scope Global staff members who live in that country, generally in the capital city. Each ICM Team will run an In-country Orientation (ICO) with you upon arrival, help to find safe and affordable accommodation, source language training, and secure appropriate visas. If any issues arise while you are on assignment (either personal or professional), your ICM Team is your first point of contact. You can view ICM Team profiles here.

    We have a range of specialists and providers that we work with who will also provide support (though remotely) covering a range of areas such as security, health (medical and psychological), and insurance.

    Each volunteer will be assigned a Volunteer Coordinator who is based in our head office in Adelaide. They will assist you through the process of preparing to mobilise, and will also offer additional support throughout your assignment.

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