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Institutional Marketing Officer

APPLICATIONS CLOSE on 31st May 2017 at midnight (Canberra time)

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General Information
Assignment Code AV0517NP43
Duration 12 months
Proposed Start Date August 2017
Assignment Location Kathmandu, Nepal
Assignment Summary
Institutional capacity building with a Himalayan view - here is your chance to use your skills in marketing and donor engagement to drive social development in Nepal.

NAVIN is an apex organisation of local governments in Nepal consisting 75 district chapters, and a Central (Secretariat) Office in Kamaladi, in downtown Kathmandu. Currently, NAVIN’s primary funding is through membership fees and a central government grant. However, it is in immediate need of donor funding to ensure the continuity of the program and the extension of its services. As such, the need to effectively approach potential donor agencies and develop compelling proposals on thematic issues is a critical requirement. The Officers based in the Secretariat, are primarily responsible for the effective coordination of the District Chapters, but lack the required capacity to deliver its core activities. They also lack key skills in program funding mechanisms and professional writing which has created the need for; capacity building in this area, better partner engagement and establishing systematic strategic planning to support information and communication.

The Institutional Marketing Officer will build staff capacity in proposal development, partner and donor engagement and overall program funding, in consultation with NAVIN’s Program Officer. You will also, contribute to the overall improvement of NAVIN’s service delivery and build cooperation with national and international organisations to widen NAVIN’s networks.

Your support will, through the increase of funding, ensure the continuity and expansion of services delivered at local government level, and enable strengthened governance practices within local government units, that will ensure better quality service delivery that is faster and more efficient.




Applications will be closing between the 21st and 31st of May – please click on the individual assignment for more information.

All Cambodia assignments are for an October mobilisation.

All key dates, including proposed mobilisations and briefings for the AVID program in 2017 are listed on our Key Dates page. 

For information about how to apply click here, and for hints and tips to help you with your application, click here. Good luck!

All Cambodia assignments are for an October mobilisation’

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