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Civil Engineer

APPLICATIONS CLOSE on 31st May 2017 at midnight (Canberra time)

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General Information
Assignment Code AV0517TV08
Duration 6 months
Proposed Start Date August 2017
Assignment Location Funafuti , Tuvalu
Assignment Summary
Are you a qualified Civil Engineer? The Public Works Department in Tuvalu needs your assistance to build the capacity of local Engineers to improve the quality of life for Tuvaluans through safe and disaster-proof infrastructure.

The Public Works Department is responsible for all Infrastructure projects that are funded by the Government. The purpose of this assignment is to assist PWD in executing of projects and other activities that are related to infrastructures projects.

The Department comprise of several technical fields that involves plumbing, water delivery, electrical, carpentry and joinery with mechanical and civil engineering section. However this assignment will work mainly with Civil Engineering and Design Unit. This will include improving system and processes; strengthening organisational structures; training and mentoring of new graduate Engineers; and providing technical support for existing project such as the construction of the new court house and designing of new climate proof buildings. 

This assignment will complement the Structural Engineer assignment to improve the quality of life for Tuvaluans through safe and disaster-proof infrastructure.




Applications will be closing between the 21st and 31st of May – please click on the individual assignment for more information.

All Cambodia assignments are for an October mobilisation.

All key dates, including proposed mobilisations and briefings for the AVID program in 2017 are listed on our Key Dates page. 

For information about how to apply click here, and for hints and tips to help you with your application, click here. Good luck!

All Cambodia assignments are for an October mobilisation’

How to apply online

To apply to become an Australian volunteer, please choose an assignment from the list on the left, then click the red "Apply" button on the page containing the assignment description.

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