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Child Rights Governance Officer

APPLICATIONS CLOSE on 31st May 2017 at midnight (Canberra time)

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General Information
Assignment Code AV0517VN41
Duration 10 months
Proposed Start Date August 2017
Assignment Location Hue city, Vietnam
Assignment Summary
Work on a Save the Children International (SCI) funded project to advance Child Rights Governance practices in Vietnam.

The Child Rights Committee (CRC) of the United Nations, in its review of the report submitted by Vietnam’s government, has released its ‘concluding observations’, through which ‘gaps’ have been identified. With the overall objective of bridging these gaps and fulfilling the requirements of the CRC’s concluding observations, Save the Children International has funded a five-year project, which the Centre for Rural Development (CRD) in collaboration with other Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) is attempting to implement. This project aims to enable the CRD, and other CSOs to engage in systematic dialogue with the Government, to achieve the following outcomes: (i) Ensure state sector stakeholders better recognise the significance of CSOs in achieving the objectives of the CRC; and (ii) Engage Government support to promote the initiative towards a total ban on PHP (Physical and Humiliating Punishment). Additionally, the CRD together with its network will collect data and information to support the development of the alternative report to the Child Rights Committee of the United Nations.

This SCI funded long-term project in Child Rights requires high-level expertise in Child Rights Governance (CRG), which the CRD lacks. The CRD aims to improve its capacity in Child Rights, in order to achieve the intended outcomes and objectives of the project, and hence, seeks the support of a Child Right Governance Officer. In this role, You will provide training on CRG, support setting up a systematic monitoring system in accordance with the United Nations Child Right Convention (UNCRC), and review the existing issues in implementing CRG and implementing the CRC concluding observations.

This role will support raising awareness amongst stakeholders on Child Rights Governance and enhance child protection measures, while in the longer-term increasing the number of children free from Physical Punishment (PHP).




Applications will be closing between the 21st and 31st of May – please click on the individual assignment for more information.

All Cambodia assignments are for an October mobilisation.

All key dates, including proposed mobilisations and briefings for the AVID program in 2017 are listed on our Key Dates page. 

For information about how to apply click here, and for hints and tips to help you with your application, click here. Good luck!

All Cambodia assignments are for an October mobilisation’

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