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Why volunteer with AVID?

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Volunteer overseas, share your skills and make a difference!

The Australian Volunteers for International Development (AVID) program is an Australian Government initiative. The program offers a range of opportunities for the Australian community to share skills and foster linkages with people and organisations in developing countries to make a difference as part of Australia's overseas aid program.

Scope Global is one of two organisations which deliver the AVID program. Scope Global mobilises skilled and experienced Australians on volunteer assignments across Asia and the Pacific.

Volunteers work with local people to share knowledge, develop sustainable skills and build the capacity of individuals, organisations and communities in line with partner governments and Australian Government development priorities.

Australian volunteers also play an important public diplomacy role, by promoting a positive perception of Australia in the region.

AVID jobs (or 'assignments' as we call them) are available in a range of sectors including IT, marketing, media, health, sports, law, community development, HR and much more. AVID assignments are from one to 18 months in length - each and every one varies - and give you an opportunity to -

  • Make a positive difference in a developing country
  • Share your skills and experience with others
  • Experience another culture
  • Make friends, memories and connections to last a lifetime
  • Have an adventure

Your volunteer assignment contributes to real change

A main feature of the program is the involvement of local organisations across Asia and the Pacific. These local organisations are called Host Organisations (HOs) because they host an AVID for the duration of their assignment. Every AVID assignment is based within a Host Organisation and Host Government (HG) refers to the country is which the assignment is located.

Capacity building, institutional strengthening and skills exchange are at the core of every AVID assignment. Each AVID assignment involves training and capacity building aspects so that, at the end of the AVID assignment, the work can continue after the AVID has returned home to Australia. This ensures the long term sustainability of the work done by AVIDs while on assignment and benefits the Host Organisation through long term gains (education and training) for individual staff and the organisation or community as a whole. 

The AVID Program works to ensure that each AVID assignment is needs driven and does not replace a position that could be filled by a local person.

Your assignment works towards development objectives

Volunteer assignments contribute to community and country level change. The AVID Program works to achieve development objectives set by the UN Millennium Development Goals, Host Governments, Australian Government and the broader Australian Volunteers for International Development (AVID) program.

Your assignment is an important part of the Australian Aid Program

Volunteering as an AVID is a valuable and complementary part of Australia's overarching aid program. Volunteer assignments are often part of long-term partnerships at a country or organisation level. 

The Australian Volunteers for International Development, is fully funded by the Australian Government and managed by Scope Global.

The Australian Government is responsible for managing the Australian aid program, the objective of which is to assist developing countries reduce poverty and achieve sustainable development, in line with Australia's national interest.

Your volunteer assignment is fully funded and supported 

You do not pay to participate in the AVID Program. The AVID Program is a fully supported program ensuring volunteers are able to fully concentrate on their assignment outcomes. The following is an overview of support provided to AVIDs:

• Travel to your assignment and back to Australia
• In-country support from the In-country Management Team (ICM Team)
• Comprehensive insurance for travel, medical and emergency needs
• Living & accommodation allowances
• Pre-departure costs including medical examinations and vaccinations
• Debrief on return from assignment
• Post placement health assessment

A limited amount of financial support is budgeted each year to support partners and children of volunteers on assignments. 

Click here to view more information on support provided.

Scope Global is experienced in volunteer management  

The AVID Program is managed by Scope Global, a project management company with people at the focus of its program delivery. Scope Global manages volunteers on behalf of our clients and use our extensive in-country networks to ensure the assignments are valuable and achieving sustainable development outcomes. We work to ensure that our volunteers are supported throughout their assignment and have a thorough understanding of their contribution to the Australian Aid program. 

Scope Global is headquartered in Adelaide, South Australia. With a wholly-owned subsidiary in Indonesia and regional offices in Fiji, Vietnam and Sri Lanka we operate in more than 30 countries throughout the Asia-Pacific region. This extensive international network means we can provide on-the-ground support to program participants and beneficiaries, while providing our clients with access to in-country knowledge, expertise and networks.

For more information about Scope Global please go to

Download an Info Pack

AVID Info Booklet Download Image

Want to get a quick and easy understanding of the Australian Volunteers for International Development (AVID) program? Find out the basics with this handy Information Pack. 


Looking for AYAD?


Looking for the Australian Youth Ambassadors for Development (AYAD) program website or info?! You're in the right place! As of July 1, 2014, the Australian Youth Ambassadors for Development program was retired, to make a single Australian Government volunteering program, Australian Volunteers for International Development (AVID). Through the AVID program you will have access to more than 700 assignments which are open for application each year. To make it easier for applicants who are at an earlier stage in their career, we've listed assignments with up to 3 years experience on a special page called Early Career Opportunities.

View Early Career Opportunities

Key Dates

Key datesAVID assignments are advertised on a monthly basis, with about 700 opportunities each year for young Australians to live, work and make a difference in developing countries.
Applications for assignments advertised on the first of each month close by the 21st of the same month.

Upcoming Intakes

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